Welcome to our Precious Pandas Room!

01 baby circleWe are proud to introduce you to our infant/toddler room.  The next few paragraphs will give you a brief overview of our staff and our approach to childcare.  First, our teachers are doing what they love to do.  They love to teach and they love children!  Our Precious Pandas staff has close to 40 years experience working with children in a childcare setting.  They take their job seriously and they realize the gift they each have – the ability to provide a wonderful place for your children to grow.  You will see happy babies and toddlers who play, explore and listen to stories and music.  Your children will begin to communicate and become mobile in a loving, nurturing and secure atmosphere.

Secondly, our attention does not stop at your children.  We realize that you, as well as your child, need to feel comfortable and secure with the childcare setting that you choose.  Our goal is to make sure that when you leave your child with us, you’re confident that he/she is in warm capable hands.  After all, a child who is safe, happy and loved is free to enjoy discovery in learning.  We not only encourage communication with you, we demand it!  We believe communication is the key to a successful day for your child and our staff as well.  We encourage you to keep us informed of any changes in your child and, by paying particular attention to the progress of your child, we can keep you informed also.

Some of the areas of development we concentrate on are described below:

Social and Emotional Development:

01 toodler smileAs we hold and talk to your child, he/she learns to focus on faces, respond to voices and smile when someone smiles at them. Your child develops fine and gross motor movements through specific activities designed and tailored to him/her.  They will also benefit from social interaction with other children in ranges of ages and development.  They learn to share, play in a group setting and they develop a sense of community with the other children in the room.


Language Development:

01 baby numbersWe will talk, sing and read to your child throughout the day and encourage them to respond.  Through this communication, your child will start to make sounds, repeat the same sound and laugh out loud.  You will see the progress your child makes, and eventually your child will be using words and gestures to effectively communicate his/her needs.


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